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Report Shows Electronic Health Records Fail to Let Doctors Obtain Advance Directives

We enrolled you in the DocuBank electronic registry for advance directives to make sure your advance directives are always available at the hospital. Now there are new reasons why you need this ...
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A Priceless Graduation Gift

As high school and college seniors are gearing up for graduation, many of whom are leaving the state to attend college or accept their dream job; parents are struggling with the idea of their children ...
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Prince's Estate Plan - Not Fit for a King

As many of you may know, on April 21 st legendary musician, Prince, passed away. What you may not know is that he did not have an estate plan in place to properly handle his estate estimated to be ...
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Veterans Administration (VA) Service Pension

Legacy Counsellors, P.C., is proud and honored to announce that we were recently certified to handle VA matters. The current eligibility rules for the VA Service Pension, a monthly cash benefit ...
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Last Minute Tax Season Reminders

Legacy Counsellors, P.C. has the following reminders for this tax season: Sale of Home If you sold your home in 2015 and have a “Grantor trust” (if you are unsure if this applies, please ...
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Habits Aren't Hereditary

I can recall sitting with a family of wealth and discussing their frustration with their children, who never seemed to have sufficient resources and were always in need of a large capital expenditure. ...
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My Father's Formula: Habits and Fractals

My father used to simultaneously amaze and frustrate me, when as a young man we began to take family vacations in the Caribbean and South America. This was a big deal. The older children had gone off ...
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The Fractals of Wealth: The Copper Beech Leaf

Our firm's symbol is the copper beech tree and our logo is the copper beech leaf. If you look carefully, you will notice that we have taken care to depict the leaf in great detail. I drove the ...
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The Copper Beach Tree

Our firm symbol is the copper beech tree, a majestic tree often found in formal gardens and parks. I must again thank Jim Hughes and others who have previously written of the unique features and life ...
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Of Equal Importance: Intellectual and Financial Capital

From my perspective, Emotional Capital brings richness to another form of capital: Intellectual Capital. Intellectual Capital is our knowledge, habits and skills and how we apply them to our Financial ...
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The Glue

In his seminal work, Family Wealth, James E. Hughes, Jr., defined a family's wealth as its human, intellectual, and financial capital. In this post, I discuss my experience with emotional, ...
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Wealth By Stealth

I was sworn into the Massachusetts Bar 20 years ago this June. Since that time, I've had the privilege of working with several hundred wonderful families and their talented advisors. We have ...
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The Sphere of Care

Most of our financial decisions involve things we care about. I care about retiring comfortably, so I contribute to my 401(k) and review my investment portfolio regularly. I care about providing for ...
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Underutilized Wealth

Central to the concept of perpetuating family wealth is the idea that underutilized capital should be transferred directly to current family members or into a vehicle that will benefit future ...
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Welcome to Our Blog

We are pleased to announce the launch of Our Blog. Welcome. We will be posting information that is both informative and relevant for our clients, financial advisors, fellow attorneys, and others who ...
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